• WHAT IS ART LICENSING?  Art licensing is a non-exclusive license to sell unlimited finished goods from art/print.  
  • WHAT IF THE PRINT I WANT TO LICENSE IS ALREADY ON MY PRODUCT TYPE IN YOUR SHOP? For this reason, most of the products in my shop are made-to-order. If a print is licensed on a product that interferes with a contract, it can simply be removed from my shop during the contract period.
  • HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?  Pricing is dependent on the design, but starts at $500USD installment payment (will be deducted from future royalties) per print. The installment payment is in place in case the artwork is not put into production.
  • DO YOU OFFER EXCLUSIVE CONTRACTS?  No, all of my artwork is non-exclusive. The artwork remains for license to multiple companies for multiple product types. It can be put in the contract that the print will not be licensed to other companies for use of the same product type (for the duration of the contact (ex: 2 years, 3 years). The same exact pattern will not be licensed to other companies within the same product type (ex: stationary notebooks) during the contract period, but it must be stated in the contract that motifs/elements within my artwork may be used in more than one of my patterns.
  • WHO WILL HAVE OWNERSHIP OF THE ARTWORK? Opal Row Co. and the artist Chelsea Williams, retains all copyright and ownership of the artwork and all derivative works at all times. There is no transfer of rights.
  • DO I NEED TO CREDIT OPAL ROW CO? Credit is not required, but it would definitely be appreciated.  
  • WHAT IS THE CONTRACT LENGTH?  Contract terms depend on the type of product, type of company, and how much product is expected to sell. You can request from 1 year to 3 years, and if the print sells well, you can always renew the contract. The contract needs to state if the product does not go into production within the first 9 months of any length contract, and does not have plans to go into production, that I am able to "get out" of the contract to license the print to other sellers for the same product type.
  • WILL I HAVE TO PAY ROYALTIES ON ITEMS I SELL?  Yes. You pay an installment fee upfront of $500USD per pattern which is recoupable in royalties payment. The installment payment is in place in case the artwork is not put into production.
  • MAY I MODIFY THE ART THAT I LICENSE?  Unless the prior written approval of Opal Row Co. (Chelsea Williams) is obtained, the Licensee may not modify or change the artwork in any manner.
  • WHAT IF I NEED THE ARTWORK MODIFIED? The $500USD installment fee allows for up to 3 modifications (made by the artist), before an extra charge on more than 3 modifications (resizing, multiple color changes, re-formatting, etc.)
  • WHAT WILL I RECEIVE (ART FORMAT)?  Licensee will receive final art in their specified file type. Please contact your printer prior to purchase and confirm they are able to print with this type of file format as no refunds will be issued after purchase.  Original Illustrator and Photoshop files are ownership of the artist.
  • HOW DO I LICENSE THE ARTWORK?  Please fill out the information on the Art License Request Form so I can get to know a little bit about your company. I will be in touch soon. 
  • DO YOU OFFER CUSTOM WORK?  I usually like to license my current prints, but I will sometimes do custom work and alterations for clients if the project feels right for my design style. Typically, I retain all the rights to the work. The installment fee for custom work will depend on the size of the project, and possible royalties.